• Precia Molen India formally known as Nova Weigh U.K. The company began the operation in the year 1995 in Chennai with a small team of 5 people and turnover of 15 million rupees.
  • A unique profile that stretched over a golden horizon from Privas in France to Chennai in India. Precia Molen France and Nova Weigh amalgamated in the year 2007 and the company‚Äôs name was changed to Precia Molen
  • We are proud to be present in Indian Weighing Industry for more than 2 decades.
  • Precia Molen India has a modern manufacturing facility established at Chennai in the year 2015 with Eco friendly atmosphere and spacious shop floor with an eye for safety of the employees, material handling facilities and a state of the art testing facility to ensure the quality of our products.
  • The growing business demands in domestic and international markets has necessitated us to expand our production facility
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