Our innovations and taking into account the needs of our customers position the brand PRECIA MOLEN as a driving force in our market.

The quality of our know-how, the persistence of our research in design and manufacturing, guarantee you the quality, accuracy, and reliability of our electronic weighing systems and load cells ranges when it comes to tank weighing.

Our load sensors are compliant with international regulations to ensure optimum safety and the best performance wherever weighing is an integral part of your production process.


The CMI load cell consists of a stainless steel body and is hermetically sealed by laser welded stainless steel cups. It has been designed for use in industrial environments with an aggressive atmosphere, such as the chemical industry.

CMI load cells have a test certificate for 3 000 d. Meeting the IP 68 standard, CMI load cells are compact and available in these capacities: 300, 500, 1 000, 2 000, 3000 and 5 000 kg.

Special mounting parts to adapt the load cell to its mechanical environment are available as an option.

Ex Options:

Ex version for use in explosive zone according to new directive 94/09/CE
CE EEx ia IIC T6
CE type certificate Nr : LCIE 02 ATEX 6083 X



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