Laboratory scales

The PRECIA MOLEN laboratory weighing scales are very easy to use for many professions and applications.

Our range of industrial laboratory scales combines ease of use, robustness and high performance. Our range of moisture analyzers offers perfect control of temperature, as well as a quick analysis of the moisture content.

Portable laboratory scales are easy to use for all applications including input control, preparation used in the formulation… and for many professions, jewellers, dental practitioners, chemists…

PRECIA MOLEN range of multidisciplinary laboratory scales has a touch-screen keyboard, a nickel-chromium steel platform and self-calibration system in option.

This range perfectly combines ergonomics, simplicity and elegance.

Moisture Analyser Product

The Scales from the PM XM50 range integrate easily in most industrial sectors: Dairy Industry Food, Chemical Agriculture Fruit and vegetable industries. Its large standard connectivity allows the connection to […]
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