Weighbridge – to quickly measure the weight of incoming grains

Laboratory Scales & Moisture Analyzer – for measuring the moisture content of grains

Hopper Scale – to determine and transfer the required quantity of grains from storage to milling section

Belt Scale– to determine the feed rate of the grains conveyed to the grinding mill

Weigh Feeder – to provide regulated feed to pre-mixer tank./Cooking & Liquefaction tanks

Tank Weighing – to continuously monitor the amount of ethanol stored in tanks

Bag Filling System – to package byproduct i.e., Dry distilled grains in small bags

Precia Molen offers a complete range of weighing products and solutions for the Ethanol industry from

Weighing of incoming raw material, inventory control of day / process tanks, accurate feeding of grains, bagging final

By product. At every step of the process, we can provide a customized solution.

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