Trolley Scales

The Trolley scale is specifically designed for ease of use and mobility. It is made of rugged construction with Fully SS or SS/MS.

TS Trolley Scale

  •  Stainless Steel Platform & Mild Steel structure.
  •  Stainless Steel Load cell
  • Protection IP 68

TS-S Trolley Scale

  • Stainless Steel Platform & Stainless Steel structure.
  • Stainless Steel Load cell
  • Protection IP 68

The Trolley Scales can be used with a large number of indicators in the PRECIA MOLEN range for controlled use of  up to 10,000 divisions. Standard scope of supply:
The Trolley scales is delivered with the indicator which is mounted on the stand of the Scale.

European Conformity:

According to the definition of a conventional load receptor in accordance with guide WELMEC 2.4.

The other products in the range

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