Moisture Analyser

The Scales from the PM XM50 range integrate easily in most industrial sectors:

  • Dairy Industry
  • Food, Chemical
  • Agriculture
  • Fruit and vegetable industries.

Its large standard connectivity allows the connection to all kinds of peripherals which are likely to equip an industrial workstation (Printer, network, remote display)

Main Characteristics

  • Capacity – 1 model with a weighing capacity of 50g
  • Readability – 0.001 g
  • Display – LCD(backlit) color screen
  • Pan Size – ø90 dia, h=8mm.
  • Protection – IP43
  • Standard communication interface – RS232 links, USB-A,  USB-B,  Wireless Module(Optional), Heating Element, IR Emitter, Halogen(Optional)

The other products in the range

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